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1884 Локомотив 120-2131

locomotive 120-2131 "Oeste 77" 1884

Manufacturer - Esslingen
Country of origin - Germany
Power - 650 hp
Maximum speed - 60 km / h

Initially acquired by the Ferrocarril de Salamanca a la Frontera Portuguesa, this company would be absorbed by the Oeste company and later by RENFE. which moved these locomotives to the Mora la Nueva depot, where they were put aside in 1955. It was a very widespread model in the last third of the XIX century. At the time, it was innovative as regards older models because it introduced a tree-running front axle (without rods), what qualified it to higher speeds and specialized it in the towing of passenger trains on better profile lines as opposed to the 0-3-0 and 0-4-0 models. They were progressively replaced as an increase in the power and features was needed, especially from the end of the last century.

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