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1962 ГАЗ 16

GAZ-16 1962
It’s an aircushion vehicle
Wheel arrangement – 4x2
Crew - 2 people
Curb weight – 1,800 kg
Gross vehicle weight – 2,300 kg
Payload mass – 500 kg
Dimensions – 7,505х 3,572х1,736mm
Clearance – 150 mm
Engine - carburetor, 8-cylinder, gasoline, V-shaped, air-cooled
Engine power – 195hp at 4,400rev/min
Propulsion engine pattern - 2хМ61К
Propulsion engine type – 2-cylinder opposite, 4-stroke, carburetor, air-cooled. Working capacity 0.649 L, power 28hp at 5,000-5,400 rev/min
Maximum speed - 175 km / h
Fuel consumption – 21-23 l/100 km
Cruise speed – 65-70 km/h
Manufacture year - 1962

The vehicle GAZ-16 with an aerodynamic was created at the GAZ in 1962 under the supervision of the leading designer A. A. Smolin. The backbone of the idea was teaching an ordinary truck to overcome small impassable marshes with the help of an air cushion.
For this purpose the truck was given the shape capable to hold underneath a pressure zone without any use of guarding. Running along the road car with the speed up to 170km/h (it figures, the engine power is 190hp!), when it met an invincible obstacle for wheels, ran up propellers, 150mm raised itself above bearing surface area and crept across the obstacle with the turtle speed 40km/h.

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