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1982 ГАЗ 53-12


Payload – 4,500 kg
Curb weight – 3,200 kg
Dimensions – 6,395 x 2,380х 2,270mm
Track: front - 1,650 mm, back – 1,690 mm
Engine – V-shaped, 8-cylinder, gasoline
Cylinder capability – 4.25 l.
Engine power - 120 hp at 3,200-3,400 rev / min
Maximum speed - 80 km / h
Fuel consumption – 24 l/100 km
Overhaul life – 250, 000 km
Manufacture years - 1961-1993

GAZ-53 is a Soviet medium-duty truck of the third generation GAZ.
The GAZ-53 with the following modifications was the most mainstream truck on the territory of the former USSR. The total production of the GAZ-53 amounted to more than 4mln of cars.
The automobiles GAZ of 52/53 series had a modular cab. The instrument panel of the trucks GAZ-53F did not have an ampere-meter and an oil-pressure indicator. There were alarm lamps instead of them. The cabs of the first GAZ-53A were equipped with clocks. According to the radiator cowl there were three main types:
• A common idea of the designer decision for the first serial version of the cowl was concordant to the cowl of the ZIL-130: the main head lamps are at the top, the fender lamps are at the bottom. That type corresponded to both the GAZ-52-03 and the first GAZ-53F.
• Since 1965 the fender lamps were at the top over the main head lamps and the cowl was with “a smile”.
• In 1985 the last successive version of the cowl appeared — the apertures of the grille have extended and the fender lamps have moved each closer to its edge.

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