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Visiting of Toyota Museum in Japan. Part 1

14 февраля 2015


Toyota Museum is located in Toyota City, close to the 3rd largest Japanese city of Nagoya, Japan. The museum was opened on the 16th of April 1989 dated to the 50th Anniversary of the Toyota Motor Corporation. The exposition consists of 140 classic and exclusive cars from all over the world.

The museum’s exhibit is quite large, so we decided to divide the report into two parts. Let’s start! At the entrance to the Toyota Museum you may see a small European car 1955 Messerschmidtt KR200 with 191-cc motorcycle engine and Plexiglas hatch, like one used in airplanes.

1936 Toyota AA – is the first popular car of the company. It has special space in the museum near KR200.

1886 Benz Paten Motorwagen is one of the first vehicles with petrol engine. This sample is not original Benz Paten Motorwagen, it is replica. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 15 km/h.

Alfa Romeo 1300GT Junior in old fashioned color scheme.

The Toyota Museum has brilliant Jaguar E-Type. This legendary automobile has right to be present in automotive museum.

Ferrari 512BB is a good example of futuristic design created in pre-digital era. Now this may be regarded as modern classic.

1961 Lotus Elite.

1961 Jaguar XK150 is one of those stylish British roadsters from 50-60s.

1962 Ford Thunderbird is 5 meters 21 centimeter long. However, this is not the biggest car in the Toyota Museum.

De Dion Bouton trike was manufactured in 1898 by French company. It’s engine outputs 1,75 h.p.

1901 Panhard et Levassor B2 is another French vehicle in the Toyota Museum.

This exhibit is quite popular in historic technical museums and the Toyota Museum is not exception. This car from 1902 is Oldsmobile Curved Dash with 4 hp.

Here you may see chassis of a legendary car – 1917 Ford Model T. Thanks to transparent engine cover and lack of the body all visitors of the Toyota Museum may learn the car in details.

1909 Stanley Streamer E2 is luxury, pompous, classic car from the beginning of the XIX century.

Do you want to be very popular among hipsters? Buy this 1902 Baker Electric to laugh at Toyota Prius owners and their vain attempts to save world ecology. This electric vehicle is capable of making 40 km/h and go for 80 kilometers in one charge. Isn’t it quite cool for 1902?

British three-wheeler Morgan Aero is quite popular car even in our day.

Another British car in the Toyota Museum is red MG-TC of 1945.

Japanese roadster 1963 Datsun Fairlady SP310.

Austine-Heavy Sprite is the most joyful car in the Toyota Museum. It’s engine outputs 43 hp, and why it’s so happy?

Unusual copy of Toyota 2000GT. It’s a replica of the car which was used for reliability tests in 1966. This car was tested for 78 hours at average speed of 206 km/h. However, the original car finished in an accident and was destroyed by fire.

Nissan Fairlady 240Z is nice old school JDM car desired by many car enthusiasts.

This car is a prototype of Toyota MR2. Interesting to see how usual forms combine with concept parts which had no future in serial version of the car.

Mazda NA Miata/MX-5 with 83.821 kilometer in odometer. It is one of the best roadsters of all times.

The Toyota Museum has got a replica of Vokswagen Beetle prototype.

Another legendary car is Citroen Traction Avant. This car is known to be the first car with a front drive.

1936 Fiat Topolino 500 weights 507 kilograms, its engine outputs 13 hp. Quite funny Italian car.

1926 Bugatti Type 35B with a small copy. This is one of the most well-known cars of the company in the most popular color. The engine of this sport car outputs 130 hp and the car weights 200 kilograms less than Mazda MX-5. And this was achieved in 1926.

1913 Peugeot Bebe. If you ask someone to draw a picture of vintage car, most likely its shape will remind you Peugeot Bebe.

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport with a body from Zagato company. This may definitely be called as a supercar of the past.

Here we finish the first part of our look at the exhibit of the Toyota Museum in Nagoya, Japan. Thanks to Flavien Vidal for these photos.

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