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1947 Porsche Typ 360 Cisitalia

Porsche Typ 360 Cisitalia

Year of manufacture – 1947
Engine – 12-Zyl.Kompressor
Engine capacity – 1,493 cc
Horsepower – 385 hp (283 kW)
Full speed –300 km/h

Porsche 360 Cisitalia is a racing car of German company Porsche. Cisitalia (abbreviation from Consorzio Industriale Sportive Italia) is the name of the company, which financed the production of this car.

Ferdinand Porsche developed and built this car against the order of an Italian industrialist Piero Dusio, who was a great race fan and the owner of Cisitalia Holding. You can see this car now in the collection Donington Grand Prix or in the Porsche Museum.

Technically advanced auto of that time has got a mid-engine layout and all-wheel drive transmission. It is equipped with a turbocharged 12-cylinder engine the working capacity of which is 1,493 cc. The engine develops the power of 385 hp at 10,600 rev/min and sets up the full speed of 300 km/h.

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