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1949 Porsche 356 2 Gmund Cabriolet

Porsche 356/2 Gmünd Cabriolet

Year of manufacture – 1949
Engine – 4-Zyl.Boxer
Engine capacity – 1,131 cc
Horsepower – 40 hp (29 kW)
Full speed –140 km/h

The first Porsche was produced in, Austria. It was a two-seater roadster with a mid-engine. The four-cylinder boxer was installed in front of the back axle and had the power of 35 hp. A gearbox and some components of Volkswagen suspension were set on it, but the engine power was 10.5 hp increased. Its body was made of aluminum and there was a carrying space frame.
The 356/1 was a unique item, after it 52 cars of the 356/2 model were built in Gmünd. The 356/2 was a rear engine coupe with the power of already 40 hp. In turn its body was made of aluminum and the frame was made of steel.
From the very beginning the company uses racing Porsche as a test platform for new vehicle types. Driven by Herbert Kaes Porsche 356 "No.1" gained the class victory at once in Innsbruck on 1 August.

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