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1951 Pegaso II Z-203 Diesel

Pegaso II Z-203 Diesel 1951

Engine - inline 6-cylinder
Displacement - 9347 cc
Power - 125 HP at 1850 r / min
Maximum speed - 70 km / h
Fuel consumption - 27 l/100 km

Pegaso (Spanish pronunciation: [peˈɣaso], "Pegasus") was a Spanish make of trucks, omnibuses, tractors, armored vehicles, and, for a while, sports cars. The parent company, Enasa, was created in 1946 and based in the old Hispano-Suiza factory, under the direction of the renowned automotive engineer Wifredo Ricart. In 1990, Iveco took over Enasa, and the Pegaso name disappeared in 1994.

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