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1943 AFA № 159882

AFA 1943

Registration number - B-101849
Origin: Donacio familia Pujol-Ferrusola (Barcelona)
Exhibit number - 5333
Engine Renault Ventoux
Engine capacity - 747 cc
Transmission - Manual, 3-speed
Dimensions - 3.663h1.430h1.470 m
Weight - 620 kg

This small two-seater roadster was born in 1943 in Barcelona, the design and construction of which was fully developed by the Catalan Aymerich Fabrica de Automoviles (AFA). Company organized mechanic Joan Aymerich Casanovas, industrial engineer and businessman Jaume Morera Luis Fernandez.
Despite the difficulties of the post-war years up to 1940 decree on production cars in Spain, this car has received a patent for invention number 159882 and was presented in July 1944 at the auto show I'Exposicio Villaverde (Madrid), organized by the Directorate-General for Transport and the military Ministry . However, the lack of official aid for the production of the first 100 units per year, and premature death Aymerich led to the closure of the project.
After the failure, the prototype was in the family. Recently, in 2008, the son of Joan Aymerich established contact with the Museum of Terrassa, who took up the restoration model.
The car was in very bad condition, but because He is an outstanding object of automotive history in Spain, recovery was seen as a very important event.
Perhaps this little car AFA could become very popular in the poor post-war years 1940-1950.

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