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1918 Hispano Suiza 16 HP

Hispano Suiza 16 HP 1918

Engine - 6 cylinder
Maximum power - 16 hp

Hispano-Suiza (literally: "Spanish-Swiss") was a Spanish automotive and engineering firm, best known for its luxury cars and aviation engines in the pre-World War II period of the twentieth century. In 1923 its French subsidiary became a semi-autonomous partnership with the parent company. In 1968, the French arm was taken over by the aerospace company Snecma, now a part of the French SAFRAN Group.[1] The Spanish parent sold all its automotive assets to Enasa in 1946.

They designed the first 4 cylinder 16 valve engine and the car considered to have been the very first real sports car in history, the Hispano Suiza 45 Cr.

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