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1912 Hupmobile Model 32

Hupmobile Model 32 Faeton 1912

Registration number - CC-H-4
Origin: Consigna del Sr. Lluis M, Cascante Davila (Barcelona)
Exhibit number - C/001
Engine - 4 cylinder in-line
Power - 32 hp
Transmission - 3 speed with reverse
Wheelbase - 126 in
Weight - 1800 lbs

The Hupmobile was an automobile built from 1909 through 1940 by the Hupp Motor Company, which was located at 345 Bellevue Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Its first car, the Model 20, was introduced to the public at the Detroit Auto Show in February 1909. The company initially produced 500 vehicles.

Robert C. Hupp was another of those creative young men who were found throughout the fledgling auto industry. Growing up in Detroit and with experience in several other businesses. Hupp worked at the Olds Motor Works and later at Ford Motor Company.
Hupp believed that you could produce a qualify small car at a low price. His first success was the Model 20. a two seat runabout with racy lines, a 16 hp four cylinder engine, and a price of $750.
The little Hupmobile proved itself to the public when a factory-sponsored Model 20 made a successful trip around the world during 1910-1912. The car covered almost 49,000 miles over land and 28,000 miles by ship.
1912 saw a significant change with the introduction of the Model 32, a larger and more substantial car. Two seaters rode on a 102 in. wheelbase with four seaters sporting 126 inches.
Model Hupmobiles had very distinctive styling, to saw the least. High mounted headlights and a tall radiator spout were unique. The hood had sharply raked side panels to match the high cowl to the low radiator. Many compared its appearance to that of a frog.
The blue of this car was the standard factory color for most Hupmobile models at that time.
In 1975 this car was purchased from famed racing driver. Phil Hill. It has been used extensively for touring and has appeared in several movies, including the story of the famed California Indian , Ishe.

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