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1950 Delfin JFC

Delfin JFC 1950

Registration number: B-133952
Owner: Compra (Barcelona)

Dolphin was the name under which "Fábrica Española de Motocicletas y Triciclos" ", based in Barcelona, produces auto rickshaw on wheels and other three-wheelers in the period between 1956 and 1959.

Delfin was equipped with a popular engine of 197 cc Villiers Hispanic. (These same engines installed on Biscuters). He had 2 places and had load capacity of 250 kg
Apparently, his design was a copy of "Solito" French firm New Map. He differed from "Solito" basically the front grille, protruding more because the engine, which it is equipped (Hispano Villiers) requires more space than the set on "Solito", a small French 125cc engine.
All models Dolphin were painted in one color blue metallic. As a curiosity, we can say that the fuel tank was located directly in front of the passenger seat and carried a real danger.

Under the trademark Delfin also sold motorcycles, but they did not have much success, despite the good form before they called Olimpic.

Has developed a Delfin D. Julio Fusté, a big fan of motorcycles and earlier produced under the trademark "Fuste", "JFC" and "Olimpic".

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