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Shanghai History Museum

The museum of Shanghai history is situated on the first floor of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.

The museum is divided in five main expositions, devoted to different aspects in the history of China and the city: "The road to the past Huatin" (Huatin is the largest cultural center of China during Ming period, now it is Sonjiang district in Shanghai), "Style and life of the city", "Open ports period", "Foreign settlements" and "Traces of ancient Shanghai".

In the very first pavilion on the basement there is a small retrospective exposition of the urban transport vehicles ever running along the streets of Shanghai in different years from rickshaw to trolley bus. For the most part these are replicas or public transport models with skillfully made wax figures of trolleymen and drivers. Besides, real passenger cars of Shanghai automobile plant's production of different manufacturing years are presented here.

Inside the museum you as if walk around real streets of old Shanghai, drop in various canteens, workshops and stores, hear the noise of the city (indeed, all the sounds in the streets of the past time are recreated here). The distinction between reality and history is blurred out here.


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