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1914 Gartenbahnzug

In 1965 the tendency to stop operation of Austrian narrow-gauge railways started. After 1957 the railway Salzkammergut-Lokalbahn (SKGLB ) was got out of the communication.

In Carinthia especially two railways were under the threat: Gurktalbahn (between Treibach-Althofen and Klein Glödnitz) and Vellachtalbahn (between Völkermarkt and Eisenkappel). Both railways were closed too.

ALFRED KRETSCHMNANN was the man who the fist in Austria offered to use these railways as tourist sightseeings and preserve them as a heritage of railways. But such a club was founded only in 1969 and it could not achieve much; the Vellachtalbahn ("Vike ") was fully destroyed and the Gurktalbahnen saved only scanty 3 km after muscular negotiations .
This Schmaispurzug was created for the advertising purpose against the shutdown of these railways. Though it was not produced in the respective scale, it was a glorious train, which reminded us of the first days of the railway museum idea.

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