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1951 Elektro Paketwagen Typ 2 ENO

Manufacturer - ÖAF Wien

Austrian post office experienced real boom conditions in the letters and parcels sector when the society was powerfully developing in 1950. The time was necessary to provide the delivery of parcels by suitable means of transportation.

So in 1949 numerous Elektropaketwagen – electric delivery automobiles were bought on this purpose. Their batteries were charged with cheap off-peak electricity. When running these automobiles showed major advances of an electric engine in comparison to an engine of internal combustion: after a short passed distance from one client to other the engine did not stop and was not started again, it was only switched on and switched off without any idle run. The heating of the cab was performed with the help of a radiant heater. The museum car is the last example of the similar type.

ÖAF (from German Österreichische Automobil-Fabrik, earlier famous as Österreichische Austro-Fiat) is Austrian manufacturer (Austro-Hungarian) of passenger cars and trucks.

Type: Typ 2 ENO
Production year: 1951
Manufacturer: ÖAF (Österreichische Automobil Fabriks-AG)
Engine: Brown Boveri 160 V direct current
80 accumulator cells (the weight of lead-acid batteries is 1,200 kg)
Driving distance – about 40 km
Maximum speed - 30 km/h

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