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1956 DKW Schnellaster (F89L)

In the early 50-s the VW Transporter was an absolute leader of the market.
At that time the DKW - Werken (later Auto - Union = AUDI ) was a small automobile of the Transporter type with a three-cylinder two-stroke engine.
The automobile of the similar type was in the museum and it was made in Austria in 1956 under the license, which already 30 years ago was transformed into a wagon – motor home.

The Schnellaster has got a slope aerodynamic bonnet, front wheel drive, east-west engine mounting and a flat load floor. These characteristic features make the Schnellaster a predecessor of a modern mini-van. The similar bodywork was taken subsequently as the base by such popular models as the Renault Espace or the Chrysler Voyager / Dodge Caravan, and the mechanical design was adopted by the BMC Mini plus most of present-day cars.
At first the automobile was fitted with a pre-war two-cylinder 700 cc two-stroke engine from the DKW F8 of 20 hp output (22 hp after 1952). In 1955 the van received from the DKW F9 a three-cylinder engine block of 900 cc capacity and 32 hp power (24 kW).

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