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1968 VW T2 Pritschenwagen

Production year - 1968
Engine capacity – 1,587 cm3
Power - 33 KW ( 44 hp )

In 1968 the Volkswagen introduced to the market a new generation of vans - "Т2" model.
It was still similar to its proved predecessor Т1 model of 1950-1967 and hence had many tipical style elements from the 60s.
The technical innovations were limited to a single-piece wind-screen, improved heating and slightly optimized position for driving.
The sample displayed in the museum originates from the first Т2 series of 1968,known for its lower front turn signals, small rear lamps and a rounded bumper.
This automobile was an irresplaceable jack-of-all-trades for the Historama for many years. On its fortieth birthday the automobile was sent to well-deserved rest, restored and placed into a comprehencive collection of the VW automobiles in the Historama museum.
Certainly, the vehicle functions fully and sometimes goes out of the Historama to take part in different exhibitions of veteran cars.

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