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1970 VW K-70

This model was initially designed by the NSU, but it was delivered to the market as the Volkswagen after the company NSU had been taken over by the VW.
The sales did not achieve expected values, though the concept of those times was up-to-date. It had a water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine, front-wheel drive, disk brakes, a self-supported body with four doors and a big car boot, an independent suspension and high active and passive safety.
This automobile was discarded with the run of 40,000 km, and today after 15-year non-use it appears to be practically high class.

Technical data

Engine - 4 – cylinder inline, water-cooled
Engine capacity – 1, 600 cm3
Power - 90 hp
Production years - 1970- 1974


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