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1963 VW "Sambabus"

Just immediately after the production of the first buses Volkswagen in 1950 there were variants, which had two additional seats in the cargo compartment.
The nine-seat versions with a 25 hp engine were rather weak, but very popular.
The VW completed the series in 1956 with a luxurious version that had roof windows, a folding roof and auxiliary aluminum headlamps and clocks.
By 1963 the buses with back glass had been made. This bus – later named lovingly "Samba" – was in its first life a shuttle bus of the firm Springer.
After many-year nonuse and thorough repair the microbus was ready to be employed even today.

Technical data

Engine – air boxer rear-located, 4-cylinder 4-stroke
Power - 40 hp (33 KW )
Engine capacity – 1,500 cc


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