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1978 VW T2 "Kurz"

Production year - 1978
Engine - 4-cylinder air-cooled petroleum Boxer
Engine capacity – 1,587 cm3
Engine power - 33 KW (44 hp)
Weight - 740 kg
Original length – 4.42 m
Museum copy length – 3.30 m

The company Porsche from Kapfenberg rebuilt this VW PRITSCHENWAGEN T2 in 1982 with the purpose to use it as a truck for removal of snow from the yard and neighborhood territories of the company.
To this end an element of the construction about 1.2 m was cut out and the remained parts were welded together again.
The Historama museum had been attempting to get that evidently the strangest variant of the VW PRITSCHENWAGEN T2 in Austria for many years.
In 2006 the museum received this sample at last.

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