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1994 Personenwagen Nr.114

It was bought in 1994 for the museum Museumsbahn Naßwald, the manufacturing year is unknown.

Construction: 2 - axial, spring-assisted (Leaf springs), wooden closed.
Wheel tread - 600 mm
Length – 3,360 mm
LUP – 4,260 mm
Weight – 1,970 kg
Car’s width: 1,500 mm
Wheel base: 1,100 mm
Wheel diameter: 300 mm
Height: 2,500 mm
Seats - 8
Standing room - 4
Brakes - mechanical, performing through spindle on both axes
Lighting – ceiling fixtures, 2 (battery 12 V)
1 red rear lamp on the conductor’s side

Reconstruction of 1995: the car’s tread was reduced from 760 mm to 600 mm. The roof was 150 vv lowered and fixed again. The revolving doors were substituted for the folding ones.
The vertical wooden cladding outside was changed. The windows were replaced by quenched (unbreakable) glass. The car got inside and outside lighting. The old brake system was changed for more perfect and reliable.


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