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1963 STEYR 586 - Tanklöschfahrzeug 2000

In the 50s a quick innovation of the fire-fighting sector began in Austria.
It was because on the one hand the equipment was mostly old and on the other its use became more difficult.
The company KONRAD ROSENBAUER which was a producer of fire-fighting facilities from the town of Linz created several fire bodies during those years that were mounted in large amounts on the chassis of the Steyr 380, Steyr 586, as well as on the 680 Steyr later on.
In parallel with it pump cisterns and pump equipment developed.
The state-of-the-art pump equipment of high and low pressure was set numerous fire-engines including TLF - 2000 Feuerwehr Villach in 1963.

Chassis manufacturer: Steyr 586
Producer: Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG
Fire-fighting equipment manufacturer: KONRAD ROSENBAUER KG Linz - Donau
Year of production: 1963
Net weight: 6,160 кг
Engine: 6-cylinder diesel
Power: 120 hp
Water cistern capacity: 2,000 l
Pump brand: ROSENBAUER 65000

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