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1963 Opel Blitz 1.9 t Feuerwehr

This is the third and the last variant of the emergency car Opel Blitz of the last generation belonging to the Fire station Moosburg.
Soon after the production of this automobile the company Opel gave up building commercial trucks for ever.
Beginning from 1960 the development of the Opel Blitz was offered which substituted for the old model and was now designed for 1.9 tons of work load. The bonnet became significantly shorter and the petroleum engines from the passenger cars range (Opel Kapitän) remained to serve as the engine. The diesel engine was not available yet. This circumstance led to the situation in which the Opel lost the market share in that period of time because many customers l demanded with increasing frequency for more economic diesel engines.

Manufacturingyear: 1963
Engine: 4-cylinder Otto Motor, in-line with water cooling.
Power: 70 hp (51 kw)
Engine capacity: 2,605 cc
Weight: 4,200 kg


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