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1907 Treibwagen 2

In 1907 the smallest tramway line in Austria was opened in the town of Ybbs on the Danube. It had only 2 wagons, 3 km of ways and 3 employees and provided the communication between the station Ybbs-Kemmelbach and the central square.
In 1953 the enterprise closed and these two wagons were transferred to the local line - Lokalbahn - Mixnitz - St Erhard in the land of Steiermark.
After the wagon TW 2 was destroyed in 1970 it was restored from 1976 till 1981.

Technical characteristics:

Length – 6,550 cm
Track gauge - 760 mm
Capacity - 16 places, 14 standees
Drive - 2 DC electric motors 550 V per 17 rW
Empty weight – 7,500 kg

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