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1911 Wagon No. 60

Wagon No. 60 of the tram from KLAGENFURT

It was made in 1911 by the company JOHANN Weitzer from Graz for Klagenfurt tram.
After it had been damaged with a bomb (1944) the wagon was remanufactured at the factory in Graz with a new body and had been widely used in Klagenfurt since 1947.
After the Seelinie (1954) and Annabichlerlinie (1961) lines had been closed the plant Beiwagenbetrieb refused from wagon 60 and after its last trip on 28 02 1961 it was set in the kindergarten in Annabichl.
In 1971 it was removed from there and underwent a careful restoration with the kind help of Klagenfurt town and its public facilities, which was finished at the end of 1998.

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