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1895 Sommerwagen 112

The horse-tram park in Klagenfurter had 12 open and 3 closed wagons in the period of 1891 - 1910. These wagons were built very simple so that horses could be put to them.
When an electric tram was introduced in Klagenfurter (since 1911), "a horse-tram" was not used anymore. During World War I some wagons were employed to transport the wounded. The attempts of the company Klagenfurter Straßenbahn to use horse-trams as passenger appeared to be unsuccessful in the period of 1920-1927.
Only in 1926 a new-made "summer wagon" were effectually used on the shoreline. Then in 1931 five old summer wagons of the horse-tram were carefully strengthened including new frame parts, springs and buffers. Wagon 112 received a new framework with straight piles.
When the shoreline was closed in 1964 the summer wagons became needless. In the years of 1957 – 1969 they were directed to children’s playgrounds where they were quickly destroyed. Wagon 112 stood as a toy in the kindergarten Waidmannsdorf and in 1971 it was taken by Kärntner railway club enthusiasts. It has been on the territory of the "Nostalgiebahnen in Kärnten" exposition and has been waiting for its reconstruction for more than 20 years.

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer - Waggonfabrik Weitzer . Graz
Year of manufacture - 1895
Modifications -1931
Track gauge – 1,000 mm
Weight – 3,400 kg
Number of seats - 28

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