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1958 SMZ S3A

S3А is a two-seat four-wheeled automobile – cycle-car, batch-produced by Serpukhovskoy motorcycle plant from 1958 till 1970 (since 1962 an advanced version S3АМ was made). The motorcycle engine IZH-49 of 8 hp output was employed in the car.

S3А replaced three-wheeled cycle-car SМЗ S-1L, though it actually was its four-wheeled modification. The construction of an independent front suspension of Porsche type (two crossover torsions with four trailing arms) and a rack-and-gear steering had already been mastered on the experimental sample NAMI-031, which distinguished itself with an enclosed body of plastic. A total of 203, 291 automobiles were built.

It is famous thanks to the film by Leonid Gaidai “Operation Y and other Shurik’s Adventures”. After this film the automobile – cycle-car got a folk nickname “morgunovka” (in the film the car-cycle was driven by the personage Byvaly, acted by the play-actor Evgeniy Morgunov).

S3АМ, an advanced version of the motor-car was produced from 1962 till 1970. The advanced model differed from the base one with rubber driveshaft joints, more perfect muffler, hydraulic telescope shock absorber instead of friction and a number of other inconspicuous improvements.

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