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Motorcycles Collection of Nicolay Turbaev

Nikolay Tubaev is a Russian collector, who has a large variety of Kovrov Motorcycle Factory showpieces. Today he’s got more than 70 showpieces, and his collection continues to grow. The first object in his collection was a 1946 K-125 motorcycle, one of the first bikes built in Kovrov Factory. He purchased K-125 in 1998.

His rich collection also has a few exotic items, for example a K-175, a couple of “Voskhod”, off-road “Voskhod-175 2SHP” bikes, a ZiD-50 Robinson quad and a few cross-bikes.

Nikolay stores all his showpieces in his garages. He wants his collection to become a real, functioning museum, but for the moment you can only look at his showpieces by walking through out virtual tour, or if you are very lucky, by prior arrangement with Nikolay.


38 exhibits
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Private collection of Soviet motorcycles

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Очень интересные экземпляры советского мотопрома. Но кто-нибудь может поможет Николаю организовать достойный музей для лучшего представления этих уникальных экспонатов ?

Dmitrii, Russia

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