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1935 Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio Cabriolet

Named after the Passo dello Stelvio pass in the Eastern Alps, the Type 57 Stelvio was Bugatti's factory-designed four-seat Cabriolet.

Most of the Stelvio bodies were manufactured by Gangloff of Colmar who modified the design in detail from car to car. Some of the bodies used faired-in headlights where the majority had external units.

The rear seat in the Stelvio had to little legroom, it could only be used as an occasional 2+1 with the passenger seat fully forward.
The Stelvio befitted from all the Type 57 engineering, development and upgrades throughout production. It used the twin-overhead camshaft 3.3-litre inline-8 which was good for 135 bhp in standard form.

Chassis arrangements included Rudge Witworth wire wheels, fifteen inch drum brakes and an uncluttered chassis having good strength. As with most Bugatti designs the Type 57 was relatively simple in design, but the result of complicated craftsmanship.

Our estimate is that Bugatti and Gangloff produced around 80 Stelvios. Of these 17 have not been located and 12 have been re bodied.

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