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1878 Field artillery gun Krupp 75 мм

The Krupp gun is a family of artillery pieces that was adopted for use by several world armies from the nineteenth century onwards.
In 1811, Friedrich Krupp founded his cast-steel factory Gusstahlfabrik, but it was his son, Alfred Krupp, who attained notable success. In 1856, Fried. Krupp A.G., produced a 9cm muzzle-loading rifled gun of cast steel, which gave such good results that Prussia adopted steel for making army guns, and Prussia being the first country to do so.
The Krupp guns were purchased by the Russian, Austrian, and the Ottoman Empire armies during the 1860s. By the 1870s, their small arms were being purchased by countries all over the world. Naval guns were also rapidly developed; from 1863, guns were being manufactured for several navies, including the Austro-Hungarian Navy, Ottoman Empire and Russia.
By the 1880s, Krupp had developed an 88mm naval gun and adopted 75mm as the caliber for the army's field and mountain guns. In 1897, when the French 75mm quick-firing gun appeared, Krupp produced the similar 77mm, which was used in World War I.

- Origin: Germany
- caliber - 75 mm
- firing range: 5800 m
participated in the wars:
- Russian-Turkish War - 1878 Greco-Turkish War - 1897


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