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1913 Mk 8 Surface-Launched Anti-Surface Torpedo

Designed by Bliss-Leavitt and available in 1911, the Mk 8 was the second steam-powered USN destroyer torpedo, and also the first U.S. torpedo to be designed with a diameter of 21" (533mm).
Although introduced prior to World War I, most of its combat use was by PT boats in World War II. The torpedo was originally designed in 1911 by Frank McDowell Leavitt of the E. W. Bliss Company and entered full mass production in 1913 at the Naval Torpedo Station in Newport, Rhode Island. It was deployed on destroyers and battleships during World War I and cruisers built in the 1920s. All US battleships and most cruisers had their torpedo tubes removed by 1941. The Mark 8 remained in service through World War II on older destroyers, primarily the Wickes and Clemson classes. It also equipped PT boats early in World War II, but was replaced by the Mark 13 torpedo on most of these in mid-1943.

Diameter: 533mm / 21"
Length: 6,51m / 256.3"
Weight: 1383kg / 3050lbs
Charge: 211kg / 466lbs TNT
Range/Speed: 14600m / 16000yds at 26 knots


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