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1952 M38A1C Jeep

for transportation 105/106mm Recoilless Rifle

The introduction of the M38A1 in 1952 was soon followed by the M38A1C fitted with at first a 105mm recoilless rifle, the M27A1 and then soon after the improved 106mm recoilless rifle the M40A1. Despite the difference in caliber, both weapons could actually fire the same round. The standard Battalion Anti-Tank weapon in the US Army, the M38A1 soldiered on from the mid 1950s to the early 1970s by which time it was replaced by the M151A1C and M825 Ford Mutt. While replaced in the US, the M38A1C could be found later than that in several armies in the mid-East and South America.
Top, M38A1C with Rifle: 106mm, M40A1 with Mount Rifle: 106mm M79. This combination was to become the standard for the M38A1C. Lower, early M38A1C with Rifle: 105mm, M27A1 and Mount, Rifle: 105mm, M75A1. Both rifles actually fired the same round, but the M40A1 Rifle was designated a 106mm weapon to help avoid confusion between the two weapons.

Usage: The M38A1C was used by the US from 1952 until the early '70s. Other countries that used the M38A1C included: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Peru, Morocco, Republic of the Congo, Spain and Uganda.

Manufacturer: Willys-Overland, later Willys Motor Inc. (owned by Kaiser).

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