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1953 Armored personnel carrier M59

The M59 was an American armored personnel carrier that entered service in the spring of 1954 replacing the M75. It had three key advantages over the M75: it was amphibious, had a lower profile, and was considerably cheaper to produce. Production ended in 1960, by which time approximately 6,300 had been built. The M84 Mortar Carrier was a derivative of the M59. The M59 was replaced in service by the M113 family of vehicles.

Type - Armored personnel carrier
Place of origin - United States
In service - 1953 - mid 1960s U.S.
Wars - Vietnam War
Designed - 1951
Manufacturer - FMC Corporation
Produced - 1953–1960
Number built - 6,300 (approx)
Weight - 42,600 lb (19,300 kg)
Length - 5.61 m
Width - 3.26 m
Height - 2.77 m
Crew - 2 (commander, driver) + 10 passengers
Armor - Welded steel between 25 mm to 9.5 mm thick
Engine - wo GMC Model 302 six-cylinder inline petrol engines
146 hp at 3600 rpm (per engine, combined 292 hp)
Transmission - Hydramatic model 301MG transmission
Suspension - torsion bar
Fuel capacity - 135 US gallons
Operational range - 120 mi (190 km)
Speed - Road: 32 mph (51 km/h)

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