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1932 Plymouth PA

Plymouth PA Sedan 1932 USA

Plymouth Модель PA was a mid-size automobile, which Chrysler produced under the trade mark Plymouth from 1931. The 2-door minicar (“Economical sedan”) cost as the cheapest variant only 495 US dollars.
The car had a 4-cylinder engine with valves on one side of 3,214 cc capacity and 56 hp (41 kW) output.
There were the following body modifications:
Phaeton, 4 doors, Limousine, 2 doors, Limousine, 4 doors, Standard-Coupé, 2 doors, Roadster-Coupé, 2 doors, Business-Roadster, 2 doors, Sport-Roadster, 2 doors, Cabriolet, 2 doors.
This model was replaced by "New Finer Plymouth" Modell PB in February 1932. There were produced 106,896 items all together.

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