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1948 Riley RMC

Riley RMC 1948 GB

The Riley was a British manufacturer of automobiles and bicycles from 1890. In 1938, the Riley became an integral part of Nuffield Organisation and later incorporated with British Leyland : on July 1, 1969 British Leyland announced phaseout of the products under the trade mark Riley .
The TM Riley belongs to BMW today.
The Riley RM Series was the last automobile series developed independently by Riley. RM vehicles were produced from 1945, after the Second World War. They were originally made in Coventry, but in 1949 production moved to the MG works at Abingdon.
There were three types of RM vehicles produced. The RMA was a large saloon, and was replaced by the RME. The RMB was an even larger car, and was replaced by the RMF. The RMC and RMD were limited-production roadsters.
The RMC was a 3-passenger 2-door convertible version of the RMB with a large rear deck area and fold flat windscreen. It shared that car's 2.5 L 100 hp (75 kW) engine and could reach 100 mph (161 km/h). The car was primarily designed for the North American export market, and just over 500 were built from 1948 until 1951.

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