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1934 Simca Fiat 6CV

Simca Fiat 6CV 1934 Italy

Henri Théodore Pigozzi (born Teodoro Enrico Pigozzi) started the production of the FIAT in France as far back as in 1928 at the plant near Paris. By 1934, as many as 30,000 Fiat cars were produced. In1934 he founded the company “Societe Industrielle de Mechanique et Carrosserie Automobile” (Industrial Society of Mechanical and Automotive Body), abbreviated to SIMCA. The first cars produced were Fiat 508 Balillas and Fiat 518 Arditas, but with Simca-Fiat 6CV and 11CV badges.
The car was equipped with a 3-speed gearbox (from 1934 a 4-speed one), a 955 cc 20-24 hp engine (the model 508 S had the output 30-36 hp). The car made about 80 km/h.

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