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1926 Jewett Pickup

Jewett Pickup 1926 USA

The Jewett was an automobile built in Detroit, Michigan by the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company from March 1922 through December 1926. The Jewett was named after H.M. Jewett, president of Paige-Detroit. After the first 17 months of production approx. 40,000 vehicles were sold. The car was marketed as a Jewett 'Six' . The 1922-24 cars had a 50 h.p. Jewett motor, the 1925 cars had a 55 h.p. Jewett motor and the 1926 cars had a 40 h.p. The last of the vehicles were available with hydraulic brakes. The company was purchased by the Graham Brothers on January 3, 1927 and the Jewett became a Paige, for that year only. The car was then rebadged as a Graham-Paige.
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