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Year of manufacture: 2001
Engine - 4R four cylinder in-line
Displacement - 1390 cc
Drive - front-wheel
Engine power - 75 hp
Number of production - 1 pc.

An original vehicle designed in behalf of the Greek industry of vehicles (EABO) in collaboration with TWT and Pininfarina and Greek designer G. Liamadis, based on mechanical accessories of Volkswagen Polo.
ELVO (standing for Elliniki Viomihania Ohimaton, English translation: Hellenic Vehicle Industry), is a Greek vehicle manufacturer based in Thessaloniki. It started business as Steyr Hellas S.A. assembling and manufacturing trucks, motorbikes and farm tractors (Steyr and Puch models). In the years that followed, ELVO became a major producer of military and civilian trucks for a variety of uses (all based on Steyr models), engines (Steyr types, many for export to the Austrian company itself), military jeeps (Mercedes-Benz G-Class under licence), customized vehicles and machinery, and buses, with significant exports.

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