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1974 Nerion Chicago

Year of manufacture: 1974
Engine - V-8
Engine capacity - 4979 cc
Drive - 4x4
Engine power - 177 hp
Top speed - 150 km / h
Number production - 2 pcs.

An exclusively Greek design, it was manufactured in NEORION of the Greek island Syros in an attempt to combine elements of a 4-doored limo with a potential off-road movement, but in a 1930’s aesthetic. The mechanical parts derive from Jeep Wagonner.

Referred to Ο.Δ.ΔΎ. restored Ο.Β.Ε.Α.Μ.Μ.Ε
Partners: Χαράλαμπος Ματζίρης / Γιώργος Χαϊνόγλου - Κώστας Αϊβαλιώτης Auto Glass Service - Γ. Εμμανουηλίδης / Γιάννης Εξηντάρης

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