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2009 UAZ-3164 Patriot-Sport

In 2010 the company UAZ replenished its model line with a specialty such as UAZ Patriot Sport. A challenging addition in the name – Sport – is actually a marketing mix of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. This model is far from being sportive. Though there are some other advantages. The UAZ Patriot Sport obtained a shortened wheelbase (from 2,700 down to 2,400 mm), in consequence of which the manoeuvrability of this automobile improved. The Sport Patriot also demonstrates a perfect ramp break-over. More steep angles of departure became more accessible. The reducing of the UAZ Patriot Sport wheelbase was followed by decreasing of the useful space inside by as much as 700 l.

A framed body together with a 21-centimeter clearance is an integral feature of the Patriot in a sport outfit. This off-roadster was equipped with one of two internal combustion engines for 112 or 128 hp. The UAZ engineers were planning to mount an advanced motor from Iveko on the Patriot Sport, but later hey refused from this idea. The list of available options of the Patriot Sport can include a hydraulic power steering (HPS), a central lock, an audio system, a conditioner, power windows, sunscreen glasses. In spite of the number of advantages the UAZ Patriot Sport did not become mass produced. A total of 2,500 of these off-road vehicles were made.

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