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2002 UAZ-23632

In 2002 the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant demonstrated a prototype of the pickup UAZ-23632 with a coupled cab at Moscow Motor Show, which had an entirely new shape of the fore body in the manner of the all-terrain vehicle Patriot. The UAZ-23632 is built on the lengthened platform of the UAZ-3162 and equipped with 136-hp engine ZMZ-409. It took a prize from the exhibition organizers as “The Best Pickup of MIMS-2002”.

The new pickup employed a new platform — Spacer rigid axles with a banjo bevel gear housing, a spring front suspension, a few-leaf rear springs, shock absorbers taken out of the framework, steering knuckles of the front wheels on ball joints with polymeric bearings (instead of pivot studs), new constant velocity joints.

The 23623 went into production in 2008 alone under a label UAZ Pickup.

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