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2003 UAZ-315195 Hunter #000001

The UAZ Hunter (UAZ-315195) is an off-road vehicle (off-roadster) for operation on the roads of all categories and across country.

The UAZ Hunter presents a further development of the second generation of Ulyanovsk crossover utility vehicles UAZ-469 and UAZ-3151. The base version of the automobile is equipped with an enclosed five-door body having a metal top, but the family includes a touring estate car body with a folding fabric top on dismountable bows.

The UAZ Hunter underwent a number of important alterations in comparison to the previous models. Plastic guards appeared on the front and rear bumpers. The back door has the appearance of an entire wing door as compared with the earlier models, in which the rear door presented an opening side from below and a detachable canvas sheet from above. The construction of the doors also changed. Sliding vent windows are used now to air the compartment.

The optics underwent changes too. Halogen lamps with a leveling device and fog headlights are mounted on the UAZ Hunter now. Spacer single-part axles of a new type are set on the automobiles to travel off roads and on conventional surfaced roads. The front brakes became of a disc type, and the automobile is supplied with a hydraulic booster to drive it conveniently. The transmission was enhanced. Instead of a noisy old gearbox a new one was installed with spiral wheels that reduced its noisiness.

As for the engines the UAZ Hunter as well as it predecessors are fit with the engines of ZMZ brand. But the Hunter uses ZMZ 409.10, which is considered to be the most powerful engine with the biggest torsion torque.

It has been mass produced by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant since November 19, 2003. The first produced UAZ 315195 Hunter is kept in the museum.

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