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2001 UAZ-27722

Having got into projecting of a conceptually new automobile family in 1997, in which the minivan UAZ-3165 was considered to be a streamline, the designers, of course, took thought that the 3165 would also become the base for the whole family of multi-purpose transport vehicles.

The plant UAZ demonstrated an ambulance of model 27722 alongside with other exhibits at Russian International Automobile Show in 2001. The emergency trolley differed from the original UAZ-3165 by almost 250 mm increased rear overhang and a tall about 0.5 m grown roof, which without doubt could let medical workers feel in the compartment more comfortable, than in a cramp minivan.

The automobile has got an all-metal body which contains a side sliding door on the right and two back wing doors. In addition this special automobile is supplied with specific medical facilities for first aid treatment and stretchers.

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