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2000 UAZ-3165 "Simba"

The family of advanced light duty motorcar UAZ is designed and suitable for conveyance of persons and cargos on all kinds of roads and terrain. The base model of the family UAZ-3165 is an automobile with 6-9 seats meant to transport passengers.

Two sunroofs, radial rubber, an up-to-date dashboard, complete upholstery, a regulated steering column according to a vehicle-tilt angle and modern seats with headrests for a driver and passengers. Fully convertible compartment makes possible to arrange a berth, increase if necessary a piling space in the rear of the automobile and make a place coupe.

The body of the base model UAZ-3165 is an all-metal five-door wagon. The seats of a driver and a front passenger have lengthwise adjustment, backrest angle adjustment and lumber support adjustment.

This exhibit was demonstrated at Moscow Automobile Show and equipped with the engine ZMZ-409.

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