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2001 UAZ-2760 "Stalker"

The van UAZ-2760 is made on the base of the produced off-road vehicles UAZ-3162. The purpose of the van is to deliver small cargo (up to 800 kg). The automobile is intended for farmers, geologists, hunters, entrepreneurs in the countryside, all those who need an off-roadster with a big cargo bed. "Stalker" means a first mover, whose route is connected with difficulties and dangers.

In exterior the van differs from the base model only by a cargo platform. The front part is the same as the 60 or the 62 jeeps have got. Behind the short two-seat cab there is a van of considerable dimensions with a high roof rising above the cab and painted in white as distinct from the basic color. A bumper – under-run bar – is mounted under the wide wing doors and it simultaneously fulfils a function of a foot board during loading-unloading operations.

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