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1997 UAZ-3160

The UAZ-3160 is a four-wheel drive off-road car (off-roadster) for road handling of all categories as well as across country. The development of a new crossover utility vehicle started in 1980. The model with index 3160 got a modernized frame and a new body worked out with the help of the AutoVAZ engineers. The cardinal problem was to preserve a five-door body on a short wheelbase, compatible with a three-door body of the most world automobile manufacturers.

The resulting automobile differed from the earlier produced models by a higher comfort level and improved techno-economic values. More qualitative body painting, a sunroof, up-to-date lighting engineering, a bulbar, sills, radial rubber, an excellent vision, a state-of-the-industry dashboard, an interior accomplishment are executed similarly to present-day cars.

Along with this the stability and handling problems caused the necessity to refine the automobile and as a result a new model of the UAZ-3162 “Simbir” appeared, which became longer and obtained new axles. It was commercially produced by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant from August of 1997 till 2004.

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