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1988 UAZ-3962

The UAZ-3962 makes a further development of the medical UAZ-452А. Within the framework of modernization 1985 the ambulance got the same alterations as other cars of the family. Moreover, the new model can be distinguished from the predecessor in appearance only by absence of the compartment windows’ protection, eliminated while being modernized. Besides, the part of the automobiles received a one-piece window without a quarter vent pane in the middle window on the left side within the production process. It is worth noting that in the course of modernization GOST -8769-75 regulations were not observed to the full extent (exterior light engineering) for microbuses – the automobiles never got upper fender lamps fore and aft.

Till 2000 the UAZ was certified according to a small list of requirements, which did not include the requirements of the UNECE Rules No. 52, regarding the buses with few seats. In 2001 the station wagon UAZ-39625 was developed on the base of the UAZ-3962 and at once was referred to special transport vehicles. In 2002 the medical UAZ-3962 was referred to them too (was designated as “special vehicle (TS) – motor ambulance”), but subsequently the UAZ-3962 was designated as a special passenger transport vehicle when the latest certification took place.

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