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1998 UAZ-3159 "Bars"

UAZ Bars (УАЗ Барс, UAZ-3159) is a SUV produced by UAZ. It was introduced in December 1999. It is a passenger-utility car with 4-wheel drive, developed on the basis of UAZ-3153.

UAZ Bars has got a higher capacity of negotiating gradients, better structural strength, and steering capacity on roads of different surface quality. The standard complete equipment has been supplemented with:

• hydro amplifier of the steering system;
• 5-speed gear box;
• fine mesh transfer box.

For the UAZ-3159 'BARS' a new range of 16-valve ZMZ-406 engine has been used with electronic controlled fuel injection. The engine design comprises cast iron cylinder block, two camshafts in the engine head and timing chain.

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