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1997 UAZ-3153

The UAZ-3153 is a four-wheel drive dual-purpose all-terrain vehicle with a five-door nine-seat all-metal body and an extended wheelbase, a long-wheelbase version of the UAZ-31514. The more powerful 2.89 l motor of 84 hp UMZ-4218 was set on the automobile. It was produced from 1996 till 2010 in job-lot production.

The UAZ-3153 can be used for a trail towing, as it has got a tow unit of ball type. A permissible full mass of a towed trailer with brakes is 1,500 kg, without brakes is 750 kg.

The suspension is either entirely spring or spring in the front and few-leaf spring in the rear. As compared to the base version the finishing of the passenger compartment was improved. Plastic was actively used in the exterior design often and often to the prejudice of ruggedness. The standard specification included a steering booster as well as safety belts from the date of assembly. The UAZ-3159 BARS was created on the base of the UAZ-3153.

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