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1991 UAZ-3172-01 "Simbir"

The UAZ-3172-01 (1991) with a five-door station wagon body was produced one copy which underwent trials in 1991.

Army multiuse off-roadsters were in demand by national economy — it is proved by the GAZ-69/69A family history. The following generation of Ulyuanovsk jeeps was also created depending on “non-combatant” consumers’ needs: apart from the military UAZ-469 the civil UAZ-469B was produced. No wonder that the advanced series of off-roadsters included a civil version with an all-metal body. While the work on a new platform was going on, the samples of such cars appeared and were tested constantly. Initially these automobiles were planned to be called “Simbir”.

The own version of the Simbir UAZ-3172-01 appeared during the period of the work on the project “Wagon”. It was the period of “Perestroika”, the mechanism of market relations had already been triggered, therefore the civil jeep was designed under the consideration of the interests not so much of geologists or agronomists as of car-tourists and other not poor keen countryside travelers: the originators took care of comfort and an appealing exterior.

The only trial example UAZ-3172-01, built in 1991 had an all-metal closed five-door body. The Simbir was based on the platform of the army UAZ-3172 and employed a number of its design elements, in particular a front (axle spring) and rear suspensions and a differential transfer gear, though this automobile used direct-driven axles of the spacer type which provided 220 mm road clearance quite enough for a mass-produced civil version.

The engine UMZ-420 with electronic fuel injection (of total displacement 2.45 l and power 96 hp at 4,000 rev/min), allowed the automobile to be on firm ground both under off-roads conditions and on the highway.

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