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1988 UAZ-3172

The UAZ-3172 (“Wagon”) is a trial four-wheel drive special off-road car for the service over the roads of all categories and across country as well. The automobile was developed against order of Ministry of Defense of the USSR to replace the UAZ-3151 and underwent State tests still the automobile serial production was not launched on account of 1992—1993 economic situation. Only several trial samples (9 according to some data) were made.

The automobile commands a large cross-country capacity: the fordable depth is not less than one meter (thanks to snorkel device presence), the admissible angle of climb is up to 50°, angle of hillside is up to 20°. The weight of the towing trailer is till 1,200 kg. The key feature of the automobile is continuous drive axles with the reduction units externally toothed which make possible to achieve a big ride height (330 mm). The both automobile suspensions are spring dependant. The front suspension is provided with a stabilizer bar. The project automobile design leader is Aleksander Petrovich Sherbakov.

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